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This Position is more than a job, this is a career, where the knowledge and training I provide would advance you to your Life career. I supply you with the tools you need to start your own business in the insurance industry. You will need your state Health and Life License.
You set your Goals and the income level you want to be reach. The sky is the limit. This is not a position for a person expecting to make it wealthy with no work, this career demands hard work and long hours to get started in the Insurance Industry, but once you are established in your area, this is the best full-time, part-time job in the world.
I will train you as a Medicare professional, but if you choose to learn life, long Term Care, fixed Annuities and under 65, I will train you in that as well.


  • State Health and Life License
  • Career Minded
  • Responsible
  • Ethical
  • Goal Oriented




  • You set your own schedule. 
  • You are self employed
  • You are the Boss.
  • You work when you want.
  • You set your Income


You have to be responsible and know what you put into your new business is what you get out. If you work five to six days a week you will have strong business you can be proud of.
You have to be ethical. The main area of this career is regulated by an entity of the Federal government.
You will have annual certifications each year.
You will have appointments with clients over 65. They take extra special care. They deserve our respect. They have worked their entire lives and they chose you to take care of their health care needs.
This career is not for the faint at heart. You are responsible for handling your clients' problems when they arise.