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Medicare News                    Volume 1

From the desk of Shannan Pruitt

  Medicare Insurance Resources                                            March 2023

In case you haven't heard October 1, 2022 brought forth new laws all insurance agents have to follow. First, all calls have to be recorded and kept for 10 years, with a disclosure statement being read to basically state "we don't offer every plan available in your area and call 1-800-Medicare to find out all your options."
I will admit it's hard to implement something into a call when I am used to speaking with my clients that are like family and friends. However, this is the new law so it will be followed.
I have recently learned the government is also trying to reinforce the old law of having a "Scope of a marketing a sales appointment" form 72 hours before the actual meeting takes place. This is the paper that I always get from you placing your first and last initials beside the type of plan, we are going to talk about then you sign and date it.
I really don't want this to happen, because it makes it easier to conduct Medicare appointments without having the 72 hours in between having the scope signed and the appointment, but I can see where it could help you, the Medicare Beneficiary. If this was put back in place it might detour the agents that have the call centers making all the calls to the general public wanting to change your plans, but then it's a fine line if these calls are even legal in the first place.
Medicare agents know they are not supposed to call any potential client with the intent of talking about a Medicare advantage plans or Medicare drug plans, unless they are currently your client.
These are a few of the new laws or possible changes coming for the Medicare agent and Medicare eligible. 

On The Personal Side

Most of you have heard me speak of my mom and dad. My mom finished chemo treatment the day after Christmas and my dad has gone through a rough ordeal with his heart for the past couple years. I am feeling so blessed, Jesus has blessed them with their health again.

My mom will get her port taken out next week!

I am so looking forward to Spring when all the flowers bloom and the grass and trees are the fresh, crisp, clean green. I can never decide if the colors of fall and the cooler days are nicer or Spring. I love them both.

Watch out Bass and Crappie here I come! I am planning a week vacation with my Husband and parents this year and I am so excited. It's the excitement I would get when I was a child waiting to go to Oklahoma to spend the Summer with my grandparents. 

My oldest son and his sweet wife are still in Eureka Springs and if you're up that way and get a well drilled or water softener there is a good chance, He might pay you a visit. He is going through a state certification his employer has sponsored him to take. From the way I understand it, you have to have sponsorship to be able to do this particular thing he is doing. 

Whatever it is I am a proud Mama!

My youngest son is in Springfield and still working 2 jobs. He works at Lowes and as an Independent Medicare Agent. His goal is to be a full-time Insurance agent. It will take a little time for him to be able to do that, but he loves being able to help people. It is very rewarding when we are able to truly help people. There is no other feeling like it. 

I just keep thanking my God for blessing me with 2 amazing boys that keep making me beam with pride! It warms the heart when your kids follow in your footsteps.

Now the dreaded flu.... Yes, the flu!  I have had the flu twice this year. How can you get the flu twice in a few months? The first time was bad but hits second time was something else and it has affected my thought process. Thank you, Jesus, for auto-correct.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be your Medicare agent. I never forget you could have chosen anyone, but you didn't! You chose me!

If you need anything please reach out.

501-290-0079 or 870-480-3857

Shannan Pruitt