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Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B has a standard premium for most Americans; however, this premium can be more based on your household income and retirement income from the prior two years. The federal government sets these limits and premiums. If you are signed up for Social Security your Medicare Part B premium will come out of your Social Security each month. If you chose to not sign up for Social Security but you did enroll into Medicare your Part B you can have premium set up to come out of your checking account.

MEDICARE PART B COVERS (but not limited to):

  • Doctor visits even while admitted into the hospital
  • Annual wellness checkups
  • Ambulance and Emergency Room visits
  • Flu shots, mammograms, Prostate Cancer screens, Colorectal Screenings
  • Physical, Speech and language therapies
  • Outpatient Mental Health
  • Durable Medical Equipment and braces
  • Some smoke cessations and Obesity Counseling


Medicare Part B has an annual deductible, meaning you pay it once a year. Medicare will then pay 80% of the cost of your Medicare Part B benefits and you will be left owing 20% of the Medicare approved amounts. If a doctor does not accept these approved amounts but does accept Medicare, he or she can charge 15% over what Medicare allows. This is known as a Medicare Part B Excess Charge.